30 April 2010

Sarianna Valkama

Behaind me a couple of active years with my camera, in front of me hopefully plenty of active years as a professional photographer. Other vital hobbies in my life are drawing and music. I also spend lot of time by computer, image processing so familiar to me.

Here are my views of Lithuania.

Janette Karvonen

Photograpy has been my hobby for three years. I got my first SLR camera as a Christmas preset in 2008. Traditional film processing I tried first at school in autumn 2009 and I had to admit that I fell in love with black and white photos. I spend a lot of time with my dog and I have my own agility group which I train once a week. 

My memories from Lithuania. 

A street in Vilnius


City of Vilnius seen from Uzupisi

Trip to ancient magical places.

Swan Heart

Trakai castle

Iina Peltoniemi

Photography has established into my life since couple of years ago when I started to take my camera with me on my wanderings in the fields and forests near home. Later, especially after getting a SLR camera, I started to photograph other objects too. My other hobby is music; I used to go to the concerts and buy CDs. One of my biggest dreams is to familiarize with gig photography and combine my both hobbies.

My memories from our trip to Vilnius.

Mari Perkiö

I have had photography as my hobby for three years. My first SLR camera I got for my birthday in 2008. My focus has been on digital photography.

These are my photos from our workshop in Uzupisi quarter in Vilnius.

Kirsi Tamminen

I have been interested in photography for four years. Otherwise I spend my spare time lying around with my friends. My family members are father, mother, big sister and my dog Enni.

My selected views of Vilnius.

Jenny Ihalainen

Photography has been my hobby for about four years now. I bought my first SLR camera last summer. I like to photograph horses because I am very fond of them and riding has been my hobby for ten years. I used to visit stable four times a week. I graduated of a commercial institute in spring 2009. My family members are parents, four brothers and sisters, a dog and a hamster. 

My photos from Vilnius.

Arielle Carroll

I’m Arielle Carroll, a photographer located in Estonia.

For me photography is a form of art that allows one to express and capture feelings and emotions. That’s what thrives me to explore the depths of its beauty. For a few years now I’ve taken a huge interest in concert photography. I enjoy the thrill and challenge of capturing the precise moments of events I visit. I am also intrigued by digital art, so very often I try to combine the two to give the desired atmosphere.
Since studying photography at school I’ve taken a found involvement in fashion photography as well as still life.

16 April 2010

Visiting Vilnius April 2010

Kälviä Delegatation 2010 together with Regina Kubert at Vilnius Vocational Training Centre for Service Business Specialists.

St. Anne's and some her fellow churches.
Kuva: Dahlia

Kernave - ancient capital of Lithuania Nr 1.
Kuva: Dahlia 

Trakai Castle - ancient capital of Lithuania Nr 2.
Kuva: Dahlia