30 April 2012

Estonian photographers in Vilnius 2012

Photos by Age Dupikov ©

Photos by Liina Notta ©

Photos by Penelope Russak ©

Photo by Karl Kasepold ©

Photo by Sten-Erik Remmel ©

24 April 2012

Singing in Vilnius

Vocal music students from Keski-Pohjanmaan Opisto visited Vilnius in March 2012. They had opportunity to learn more about Lithuanian folk music, visit Shared visions -partner school and  some cultural places in Vilnius area, have a small-scale concert in connection with opening of photoraphy students' exhibition and experience "Le nozze di Figaro" at Lietuvos nacionalinis operos ir baleto teatras. 

Hanna's entrée.

The Wonderers.

Trio Trakai.

Photos by Minna Poutanen.

29 February 2012

Vuono ja Korpi - Dance and Music performance

Vuono ja Korpi - a dance and music performance in connection with Kokkola Winter Dance -event. People behind the performance were dance teacher Anni Rissanen (Keski-Pohjanmaan Opisto) and music teacher Christian Killengreen (Follo Folkhogskole) together with their wonderful students. One of the choreographers was Hanna Kivioja.

Please enjoy the show by these photos:

Norwegian Singers 1

Norwegian Singers 2

Norwegian Singers 3

Norwegian Singers 4

Norwegian Singers 5

Norwegian Singers 6

Dance 1

Dance 2

Dance 3

Dance 4

Dance 5

Dance 6

Dance 7

Thank you!
All together.

Photos by Tomas Jakobsson