15 March 2011

Vilma Malinen – Live for yourself not for others

I started photographing when I was a little girl: mostly capturing horses and views with a film camera. After that when growing up I moved into a SRL camera. 

I am a happy person, and in the future I would like to be a photographer or a journalist – or both !

Photos by
Vilma Malinen
Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

Sanna Tamminen – I can ride my bike with no handlebars

When I was at junior high school, I started to think what I want to do when I grow up. I thought it would be something around art, so I could use my own creativity, interests and other stuff, like doing things with my hands, something technical using computers.

I got interested in photography when I was about 13 years old. I got my dad’s old Canon AE-1 film camera and quite soon after that I bought my own SLR camera. At the same time I decided to aim to Central Ostrobothnia Culture Institute to graduate as a media-assistant.

Nowadays I couldn’t be happier about my decision. Knowledge about arts or art history is useful and important to me even if I wouldn’t ever work as a photographer. 

Photos by
Sanna Tamminen
Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

13 March 2011

Moona Luomanen – The private life of a cat

My first contact with photography was when I was five years old. I imagined that i had a camera, run in the woods and searched for views to photograph. After that every summer my mom bought me a disposable camera.

I got my Nikon D80 in summer 2008 and have been photographing with that ever since. I am interested of capturing animals, modeling, views and people. Black&white pictures are close to my heart.

Photos by
Moona Luomanen

Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

Katri Tuukkanen – Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them

I’m almost 19 years old Audiovisual Communication student. This is my last year in Culture institute but I want to continue my photography studies in an university of applied sciences. I would also be interested in studying Finnish literature. 

I don’t have to decide about my future right now. I am a dual qualification student so after I graduate from Culture institute, I still one year to go at high school.

I have been interested in photographing about 4,5 years and I most prefer nature photography. I love music and it inspires me a lot.

 Photos by 
Katri Tuukkanen
Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

11 March 2011

Henna Polvi – Face your fears and live your dreams

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time. I got my Canon EOS 1000D in spring 2009, after that I’ve taken thousands of photos.

I love to travel. And I love to stop the moment with pictures. Photos are best memories that you can get.

Black and white pictures are really close to my heart.
In future I would love to work in foreign countries. Maybe in some kind of fashion magazine.

Photos by
Henna Polvi

Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

03 March 2011

Susanna - Passion For Photography

My name is Susanna Noponen. I was born in 1991. I live in Kokkola, and I come from a small place called Kyyjärvi. I think I have always been “creative” and liked to take photos, draw, design and much more. From an early age my relatives have praised how good I with my hands.

It took a while before I heard about this school. For six months I studied cooking and I noticed right away that it wasn’t my thing. Then I changed to Culture Institute. I have liked to study in this school. I've learned quite a lot of new things. I am particularly interested in studio photography. I also like to take photographs of landscapes if there are stunning sceneries.

I prefer to work in a studio. Fashion and portrait photography is perhaps the most interesting to me. I like to take dramatic black and white images with a dark and mystic atmosphere. They have always been a passion of mine.

In the future I would like to work perhaps as a photographer in a larger studio, where I get to take model photos, fashion photos, etc. Or maybe in an ad agency as a graphic designer designing a variety of ads, posters and magazines.

Photos by
Susanna Noponen

Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

01 March 2011

Tuuli Kuismin - Carpe Diem

My first touch to photography was spring 2008, when my teacher from my last school brought me visit Kälviä Culture Institute. That was the day, when I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Take Photographs! 

So, I’ll introduce to you some of my best works. Enjoy! 

Usually my best works come when I’m working in studio, but sometimes I get good hits when I’m somewhere outside taking pictures about nature. 

I don’t have any specific style of photography that I want to represent.
Best shots comes unexpectedly…

Photos by
Tuuli Kuismin

Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute