30 April 2011

Elina Malleus

Trip to Finland opened a new point of view

My deeper interest towards photography started about 4 years ago when I got my first camera. I really enjoyed taking nature and close-up shots but when I tried to photograph portraits my little camera and beginner skills stopped me to get desired output. After making my first shot with digital slr camera I was naled to it. Few months later I started my photography studies. At the right moment I try to polish my skills in taking pictures that have besides technics also some feeling in it .

My trip to Finland gave me an opportunity to develop myself through different assigments and the result are seen here.


Photos by Elina Malleus 

21 April 2011

Heidi Laaksonen - Don't worry, there will only be prostitutes and drug dealers outside your hotel

The first alley cat I saw in Trakai but sadly not the only one
Castle of Trakai from my point of view
My feelings after the first day (not sad but tired)
On Wednesday we were divided into three groups and each group went to a different location. Our group’s task was to show the contrast between traditional village and big city. I preferred taking photos of the village.
Thursday night and we were still taking photos instead of any other entertainment
Noora ate a XXL lollipop on our way back. Highlight of her trip?

Photos by
Heidi Laaksonen

07 April 2011

Sari Hollanti - To the moon and back.

And then some, is how much I like to photograph. When I was a little girl I used to loved taking snapshots of people, mainly my family and friends. Then at some point I just forgot about it. About two years ago I found my passion for photography again. And this time it’s more serious. I never seem to get enough. I’m always trying to figure out ways to get better shots.

Two years ago I also got my Canon Eos 500D and that’s one of the reasons that I got so intrested in photography. Now I’m taking pictures daily and driving my family insane doing so. Oh well, they’ll cope.

Studio photos are the closest to my heart but I also love taking portraits in natural light as well. So far I’ve just scratched the surface and can’t wait the new things I’m going to learn as time passes. Very challenging, very interesting and very much fun! 

06 April 2011

Some girls wander by mistake, I don't

My (short) reportage about

Road trip to Vilnius


  •          Spent about 38 hrs in buss
  •         Slept almost ¾ of it
  •     Got a ticket
  •         Took pictures
  •        Ate
  •        Had first photography exhibition
  •        Met cool people
  •        Had the greatest pizza ever
  •        Went to a beautiful graveyard
  •        Had second photography exhibition
  •        Did some shopping
  •        Got almost lost
  •        Wandered around Vilnius
  •        And realized how beautiful Vilnius was
  •        Had good Chai Latte

And I’m quite sure there was another graveyard on our hotel’s backyard.
Breakfast buffet was awesome! :D

Gettin' sleepy on a buss aisle...

Old graveyard. Not the one on our backyard, though! :D

Killing time on cruise ship, heading towards Estonia.

Vilnius was a beautiful and interesting city, although one week was not long enough! The whole week was intense, and all that traveling wore us all out. But it was worth every moment.
Lecture about Lithuania's photography was interesting, and making those photography exhibitions worth all blood, sweat and tears ;)

Thank You all dearly,