25 October 2010

Citizens of Earth, Welcome to Finland!

After long period of planning this years Shared Visions comes to reality when photography students from Vilnius, Lithuania come to Finland to study in Kokkola for a week.
It will be a busy week. Lithuanian and Finnish students will be working together and learning from each other.
On Tuesday we’ll be taking a trip to a nearby island called Ohtakari and  Wednesday we will visit the central of Kokkola. We hope the surprisingly early winter will not slow us down.
This week is about showing and sharing your own point of view. Students can pursue their own interest in photography and choose whether they like to use computers and work digitally or do photos traditionally in the darkroom.  
The theme for this years Shared Visions projects is “Citizens of Earth”. We wanted to focus on the climate issues and also how it feels to live in this world. What kind of challenges of modern citizenship we face in this global world of ours.

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