22 November 2010

Bad tourism? Good Photography

Collaboration No. 1
We didn’t sleep much the first night in Finland. 3 of us got the bright idea of going to the train track and taking a picture of a passing by train by strobing it with a flash from the side, we failed miserably. Then we decided to just strobe everything else, and this is what we got. Collaboration work of Gediminas, Justas and Me.

Ghosts in the field

This was our second bright idea that night. Long exposure and the flashes test button, works wonders. Hope I didn’t scare you to much. Again this is a collaboration work. 

The Harbor
An Hdr image made in the small island with the fishing village we were taken to… Whether was much better than I make it seem in this photo tough, but this sets a better mood in my opinion.

HDR sausages

 No comment…

The crane
Leave it to me to photograph things you can find anywhere, while visiting a foreign country. I’m a terrible tourist! : (

We had a wonderful time in Finland and were looking forward to seeing you in spring.

Photos by
Mysterious unknown student from Vilnius
(Unfortunately there was no name with the photos... But I think we will find out sooner or later who is the proud owner of these photos : )

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