02 February 2011

Minna Ranto - Seize the day

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time. I decided to take a chance and applied to our school Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute.  I didn't know the place nor the people when I first arrived, but I have been here now for almost three years. I haven't regretted a day.

I have experience about working in a photography studio. We had our 10 weeks work practice that I spent in a photography studio called Studio Fotodesign. While working there, I got to take lots of studio pictures and I also did a lot photo editing. 
I really like working in a studio.

Outside the studio work I like taking documentary photos and portraits. I documented my sister's wedding last summer and I'm currently working for a band. I'm doing their promo shoots, cd covers and other artwork for their first cd. I also document their live performances. 

At the moment I hope that I'll get accepted to Lahti University of Applied Sciences where I would major in photography.

Photos by 
Minna Ranto
Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

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