29 February 2012

Vuono ja Korpi - Dance and Music performance

Vuono ja Korpi - a dance and music performance in connection with Kokkola Winter Dance -event. People behind the performance were dance teacher Anni Rissanen (Keski-Pohjanmaan Opisto) and music teacher Christian Killengreen (Follo Folkhogskole) together with their wonderful students. One of the choreographers was Hanna Kivioja.

Please enjoy the show by these photos:

Norwegian Singers 1

Norwegian Singers 2

Norwegian Singers 3

Norwegian Singers 4

Norwegian Singers 5

Norwegian Singers 6

Dance 1

Dance 2

Dance 3

Dance 4

Dance 5

Dance 6

Dance 7

Thank you!
All together.

Photos by Tomas Jakobsson

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