03 March 2011

Susanna - Passion For Photography

My name is Susanna Noponen. I was born in 1991. I live in Kokkola, and I come from a small place called Kyyjärvi. I think I have always been “creative” and liked to take photos, draw, design and much more. From an early age my relatives have praised how good I with my hands.

It took a while before I heard about this school. For six months I studied cooking and I noticed right away that it wasn’t my thing. Then I changed to Culture Institute. I have liked to study in this school. I've learned quite a lot of new things. I am particularly interested in studio photography. I also like to take photographs of landscapes if there are stunning sceneries.

I prefer to work in a studio. Fashion and portrait photography is perhaps the most interesting to me. I like to take dramatic black and white images with a dark and mystic atmosphere. They have always been a passion of mine.

In the future I would like to work perhaps as a photographer in a larger studio, where I get to take model photos, fashion photos, etc. Or maybe in an ad agency as a graphic designer designing a variety of ads, posters and magazines.

Photos by
Susanna Noponen

Central Ostrobotnia Culture Institute

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