06 April 2011

Some girls wander by mistake, I don't

My (short) reportage about

Road trip to Vilnius


  •          Spent about 38 hrs in buss
  •         Slept almost ¾ of it
  •     Got a ticket
  •         Took pictures
  •        Ate
  •        Had first photography exhibition
  •        Met cool people
  •        Had the greatest pizza ever
  •        Went to a beautiful graveyard
  •        Had second photography exhibition
  •        Did some shopping
  •        Got almost lost
  •        Wandered around Vilnius
  •        And realized how beautiful Vilnius was
  •        Had good Chai Latte

And I’m quite sure there was another graveyard on our hotel’s backyard.
Breakfast buffet was awesome! :D

Gettin' sleepy on a buss aisle...

Old graveyard. Not the one on our backyard, though! :D

Killing time on cruise ship, heading towards Estonia.

Vilnius was a beautiful and interesting city, although one week was not long enough! The whole week was intense, and all that traveling wore us all out. But it was worth every moment.
Lecture about Lithuania's photography was interesting, and making those photography exhibitions worth all blood, sweat and tears ;)

Thank You all dearly,

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