07 April 2011

Sari Hollanti - To the moon and back.

And then some, is how much I like to photograph. When I was a little girl I used to loved taking snapshots of people, mainly my family and friends. Then at some point I just forgot about it. About two years ago I found my passion for photography again. And this time it’s more serious. I never seem to get enough. I’m always trying to figure out ways to get better shots.

Two years ago I also got my Canon Eos 500D and that’s one of the reasons that I got so intrested in photography. Now I’m taking pictures daily and driving my family insane doing so. Oh well, they’ll cope.

Studio photos are the closest to my heart but I also love taking portraits in natural light as well. So far I’ve just scratched the surface and can’t wait the new things I’m going to learn as time passes. Very challenging, very interesting and very much fun! 

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