30 November 2011

Gabija Diburiene

I am Gabija Diburiene and that is my photography.  I am mostly interested in taking pictures of people, but I like nature photography too.  We had really great time during this week. Photoshoots were very interesting and it was great that we were allowed to be creative. Thanks for that.

It was fun to work in studio. There were some decorations which we could use so we transformed one of our friends to a cave man. You can see him in the first photo. Second picture is made in fisherman village which was extremely beautiful. We had a lot of fun then we had to take pictures of ghosts. My friend pretended to be a ghost and helped me to do the task. Also I add a photo which is made in Kokkola and a photo of river which flows near the school.

Cave man
Canon EOS 550D, ISO100, f/8, 1/100

Fisherman's island
Canon EOS 550D, ISO400, f/5, 1/125

Canon EOS 550D, ISO100, f/4.5, 2s

Canon EOS 550D, ISO200, f/2.2, 1/125

Canon EOS 550D, ISO400, f/4, 1/200

Canon EOS 550D, ISO400, f/4, 1/250

Near shcool
Canon EOS 550D, ISO100, f/29, 25s

Photos by:
Gabija Diburiene

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