30 November 2011

Ida Lankinen

About me

I got my pocket camera about 6 - 7 years ago. I took pictures of landscapes and some particular details, like rose petals and my own eyes. Then I got my very first Nikon digital SLR camera and I immediately I was hooked. I loved everything about the camera. I started taking pictures of my friends, landscapes and I probably annoyed my dog so much, but he just looks so beautiful in every picture.

But there’s one special thing that I’ve “learned” in school. No matter where I go, I think how I should change the lighting to be able to take a good photograph or something like that. And nowadays I can’t even look at any fashion magazine and those kinds of things, because I tend to look at the pictures like “Oh god, that lighting is so awful! Why that dark-haired model is in front of a dark background.”


I’ve been in Tallin, like billion times, but this time, I didn’t just walk around the old town and taking random pictures of random things. We visited the prison and the really high building, I guess it’s the highest watch tower of Estonia if not the entire Nordic countries?

The Estonian students and their teacher were super friendly and they really tried their best to make our time there, enjoyable. And it really was. It was fun for a change to learn about the town and not just walk here and there.

My project works:

Tallin at night

Locks of eternal love

It's Titanic

Photos by:
Ida Lankinen

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