30 November 2011

Jutta Annala

Hello! My name is Jutta Annala. Since a little girl I wanted to photograph, but my life took me to other challenges: I became a stone- and metal artisan and after that I became a florist. The last 15years I have been working as a florist. After I got fed up for being a florist I decided to have the courage to apply to study photography and I haven’t regret it.

In Tallinn 19. - 23.9.2011

1. When I told Rain Tirul (the photography teacher from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences), he wanted to take me to the Japanese Garden.

2. We saw a Squirrel

3. On the way to the Japanese Garden and back, Rain showed me some attractions
3a) There was a memorial statue to sailors who went down with the ship during a storm

3b) Around the statue there is pillars where they have written the sailors names

3c) The tree, in the picture, has been planted by Swedish King Karl XVI Gustav’s grandfather in 1929.

3d) The Park

 4. Coca-cola

Photos by:
Jutta Annala

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